AI-based Emotion Detection and Behavior Change Robot Support System to benefit Ageing Well



VicarVision is the project coordinator and leads the workpackages on pilot design and execution. VV is responsible for overseeing the project objectives, ethical standards, pilot implementation, and business evaluation. In addition, VicarVision develops the emotion detection software implemented in the project.


VicarVision is an R&D software company (founded in 2001, part of privately owned SMR-group) that develops state of the art solutions for computer vision and specializes in perceiving people from video. VicarVision’s FaceReader is the world’s first commercially available tool capable of automatically analysing facial expressions, and is used worldwide by over 1.000 organizations. In the last few years, VicarVision has launched two other products, FaceReader Online, a SaaS neuromarketing platform and a retail analytics solution, Vicar Analytics. VicarVision has been generously funded by national science foundations and the European Union and has participated in FP6, FP7, Marie Curie, and H2020 projects. Data collection from human participants is a common part of these projects and many have focused on psychology or health-related applications. Example projects: Brainview, a Marie Curie Training Network to help early detection of Autism, and INNOLABS to develop innovations in personalized healthcare.

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SRFG leads the technical workpackage and focuses on the specification of JITAIs, interventions and decision trees and the implementation of the scenarios for the evaluation. SRFG supports the scenario development and leads task to identify innovation potentials and improvements of the research design.

Salzburg Research

Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (SRFG, RESEARCH, Austria) is a non-profit research organisation founded in 2000 with the core competencies in human motion analytics, processing platforms, innovation and value creation. Scientific excellence in applied and innovation research in the AAL domain involves: expertise in user involvement, ethical and legal issues, persona and scenario development, ICT solution assessment and development, project coordination and field trial experience from the Austrian AAL pilot regions fit4AAL and ZentrAAL, the European AAL projects CareInMovement and Confidence, and other AAL projects such as ODAAL and AAL Methods. In addition, Salzburg Research has expertise in (patient) empowerment, ICT-based behaviour change techniques, interventions for coping with e.g. stress or sleep problems from the Horizon2020 project POWER2DM and expertise for sensor-based motion and emotion detection, e.g. from the COMET project Digital Motion. It complemented innovation processes in R&D&I projects such as AAL Methods, ODAAL, fit4AAL, OLCOS.

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Happy Aging is responsible for end-user involvement in Flanders and is responsible for guiding work package tasks involving co-creation and evaluation with end users.

Happy Aging, In4Care

Happy Aging, In4care is a non-profit cluster organization located in Belgium, at the heart of Europe.This member-based organisation with over 300 members inspires and offers solutions by bringing together people, organisations and resources from the healthcare sector, start-ups, industries, education and patients. A unique mix of people meet within In4care to exchange experiences and to stay informed of meaningful evolutions and innovations. With one goal: the realisation of innovations in healthcare and co-creating future healthcare. Within the living lab of In4care, Happy Aging, we have established a strong network of all-size healthcare companies, healthcare providers and hospitals, knowledge institutes, and local and regional governments. The living lab for elderly care ‘Happy Aging’ consisting of more than 1.200 elderly and professional caregivers is one of In4care strongest assets. This living lab is an initiative of the cities Hasselt and Genk (Limburg) and involves a partnership with a diversity of stakeholders (homecare, pharmacists’ organizations, hospitals, businesses). Happy Aging facilitates companies in bringing their solutions to the market through our strong local and international stakeholders network (a.o. Aging 2.0, EIT HEALTH). On an international level, Happy Aging has been involved in various European projects, such as AAL SOULMATE and CrossCare, Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland. Happy Aging, In4care and the province of Limburg have been recognized by the European Commission as an international top region where innovations in healthy aging are developed, applied and commercialized.

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christiane Eichenberg - Leader of the Institut for Psychosomatics - will develop the intervention design and will apply to the SFU research ethics board for study approval.

Sigmund Freud University  

Sigmund Freud Univeristy offers an integrative overall university concept that is able to cover all areas of health literacy and health communication (from basic research to counselling, therapy and training), while researching the benefits of modern media support in all areas of clinical-psychological intervention in a contemporary manner (E-Mental Health). With its strong profile in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies, the SFU cooperates with universities in other European and non-European countries and acts as a partner or coordinator in numerous research projects alongside institutions, industry and other stakeholders.

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For questions regarding the project or potential collaborations please contact the project coordinator Tess den Uyl by filling out the form.

For people who are interested in participating in the project or have participated in the project and would like to have more information, please contact your national end-user organization.

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